The day to day control of your business under a simple system to use and with ease of customization.

More on Administrative Tools


We provide real-time controls and reports that can be obtained at any time. We ensure absolute confidentiality and a loyalty program for our active clients. Our system allows you to modify or personalize the profiles of each of your clients while minimizing the risk. This tool that works without downloading any application, also allows you to monitor each of the bets that are entering the system.

  • Daily and weekly balances
  • Player's betting history
  • Withholding percentages
  • Real-time bets
  • Player TOP
  • Cash flow
  • Outstanding bets
  • Adjustable Design
  • Players access
  • And many others more ...

    Player Administration
  • You can activate or deactivate accounts
  • Make money adjustments
  • Send individual or bulk messages to your players
  • Deposit, withdraw or credit free plays
  • Customize the limits of each player, the payment of the combined moves and options for teaser
  • And many other options more ...

    Player Profile
  • Specific limits by type of sport or event
  • Maximum number of teams in combined bets, as well as payment limits
  • Options for other types of moves
  • Specific rules per player or per player package
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