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Learn about Physical Point of Sale

One of the business units offered by JazzGamingSolutions is the EPOS (Electronic point of sale) or TPV (point of sale terminal) service. Under this modality it is possible to take sports bets, horses, carts and greyhounds by means of tickets. Thanks to the use of technologies and devices it is possible to manage betting within a casino or commercial premises.

We are specialists in managing the operation of Sportsbook or Simulcasting under different business schemes, aware of the diversity of licenses and types of operation with which we can offer a versatile service that fits the needs of the casino and provides flexible alternatives.

The team of JazzGamingSolutions has vast penetration in multiple markets, we have the necessary experience in the development of different modalities to provide the client with security, solidity, quality and support in any type of operation.

Our company will provide technical, administrative and marketing advice to the Casino to establish, based on its infrastructure, the type of Sportbook according to the space and its needs. Likewise, we will train the staff of the casino in charge of operating the Sportbook and they will have technical support at all times.

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